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  • Julie Stetter

Saint Andrew's Cares About Character

Saint Andrew's Cares about Character is the character education program here at Saint Andrews organized by myself and Mrs. Quint. This year we will be educating students about a different character trait each month. It was easy to pick our first character trait of the school year. In September, we learned about flexibility. Do I even need to explain why?! An economic shut-down, working and schooling from home, masks and no toilet paper!

In October, we will focus on Fairness. Another timely quality. This year has brought a lot of inequities to light in our country and we have lost some powerhouses who dedicated their personal and professional lives to fighting for what is fair (John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsburg). It’s important that we share these events and people with our children, in developmentally appropriate ways, so they can be the change what we wish to see in the world. Maya Angelou said, "when you know better you do better." Let’s all learn from the trials of this year, a global pandemic, soaring unemployment, wildfires, and a contentious election and treat each other with a little more grace, patience and kindness, some other great character traits :).

Ms. Stetter is the school counselor.


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