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How We Teach and Learn

Integrated Curriculum

Our integrated curriculum promotes the development of literacy in all forms. Teachers challenge and empower our students to express their ideas in written, oral, and vision form. Our rich academic program, blending reading, writing, mathematics, science, and technology, promotes in students the development of productive work habits and the mastery of essential academic content and skills.

Herons Guiding Principles

Saint Andrew's is dedicated to providing our students with a solid educational foundation that includes learning about what it means to be a part of a community. In addition to our character education program, our Herons Guiding Principles highlight six character traits students will need to succeed in life. All Saint Andrew's faculty and staff teach and model these values in their daily interactions with students and colleagues, providing students with positive examples and establishing a safe and welcoming learning environment.


The Herons Guiding Principles encourage all members of the Saint Andrew's community to be: Honest, Encouraging, Responsible, Open-Minded, Neighborly, and Supportive.

Responsive Classroom

Building upon our Herons Guiding Principles, all Saint Andrew's classes incorporate the Responsive Classroom program. This student-centered, social-emotional approach to learning provides our students and teachers with a framework for building strong, engaging classroom communities. Students in all divisions begin the day with Morning Meeting, where the daily message is shared and students and teachers share special news, and end the day with Closing Meeting, where they reflect on their day as individuals and members of their class community.

Student Support Team

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