Specials & Resource Classes

In addition to a rich program of core subject work, our students enjoy a wide-range of special area subject classes. Learn more about each program in the tabs below.


The music program at Saint Andrew’s aims to develop a love and appreciation for music within each student, and to share that passion with our community. Students in preschool through eighth grade take part in engaging music classes which build upon musical literacy skills and an understanding of rhythm, melody, form, timbre, and harmony. The skills a student learns in music class can be carried with them their entire lives. Through the use of song, movement and instrumentation, students understand what it means to work together toward a common goal. They learn that creating something meaningful takes time, patience and practice. Through various performances, students realize the gift of music and the power it has in bringing people together to share special moments. Some of these moments include our annual Christmas Concert, Grandparent’s Day Celebration, and our Variety Show.


Studies show that people learn a second language much more easily if they start in their Early Childhood years. That is why all Saint Andrew’s students, from Preschool through Eighth Grade, take Spanish! Young students learn a second language in much the same way that they learn their first: through songs, stories, talking, and movement. Spanish classes for our youngest students focus on these age-appropriate activities that allow for student immersion into the Spanish language. In these early grades, the foundations are laid for higher level courses later in Elementary School and Middle School. The scope and sequence of our Spanish program from the early grades on up enables children to become Spanish communicators, students who are globally conscious, and life-long language learners.


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The focus of the preschool through sixth grade library program is to support academic achievement while fostering a lifelong love of reading. During library classes students are exposed to different genres of literature and encouraged to read for pleasure as well as factual research. Material is introduced and then reinforced through the grade levels to ensure age appropriate understanding of information and media literacy. Some of the many topics included in the curriculum are author studies, library organization, and finding library materials for information and enjoyment. A passion for reading is encouraged through the Blue Heron Bookworm program, our yearly Read-A-Thon, and our Summer Reading Challenge.


Students practice a variety of skills and develop an understanding and awareness of responsible technology use. Formal keyboarding instruction begins in first grade using Keyboarding Without Tears. Middle school students utilize Typing Club and other typing resources to continue weekly practice.

All kindergarten through eighth grade students utilize Google Apps for Education accounts. Email access begins in middle school and students complete an email etiquette unit.

Other major technology units include identifying the parts of a computer, coding and robotics, using Microsoft Office and Google suite applications, online research, digital design, and digital citizenship.

Physical Education

Physical Education classes are designed to help students develop skills in activities that will help students maintain fitness throughout their life. Students will be introduced to life-long activities and sports designed to increase their likelihood of exercising in the future. Students will learn and discuss healthy eating habits, the basics of good nutrition, how to read and understand nutrition labels, and make smoothies using vegetables provided from our garden. Saint Andrew’s Fitness is a program that replaces the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Saint Andrew’s Fitness uses the same exercises and similar qualifying standards to test student’s cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Our goal is for students to improve their scores on their baseline fitness tests through regular cardiovascular endurance training, muscular endurance training, and activities designed to increase current levels of fitness. Students will understand the benefits that regular exercise can provide for a person’s mental, physical, and social health.


The Visual Art Program at Saint Andrew’s is an integral part of our students’ education. It is designed to provide an outlet that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for the visual arts. Starting in Kindergarten, students are introduced to the elements and principles of art and explore these concepts through a wide variety of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. Our goal is to use this wide variety of media to help our students develop their ability to see and respond to the world. They also learn about art history - all while creating their own unique works of art! Instruction is often differentiated for a wide range of student developmental needs and interests. Students engage in creative problem solving, emotional self-expression, self-reflection, and exploration of diverse artists and art movements. As students grow and develop their own artistic voice, they explore themes within diverse historical and cultural contexts. We place emphasis on learning about both local and global artists and art movements, as well as regular cross-curricular collaboration with other teachers and subjects. Art integration at Saint Andrew’s allows students to make important connections between art and other classes, their own lives, and their local and global communities. Through the development of artistic routines and exposure to a multitude of mediums, students are encouraged to explore and find their own voice in their artistic pursuits.

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