Elementary School

Our elementary classes are fun and engaging. Teachers design their activities and lessons to meet each student at their academic, social, and emotional levels and push them to their full potential. Teachers incorporate the monthly character traits, Herons Guiding Principles, and reflection into daily conversation and practice.

Second Grade

The 2nd grade curriculum consists of class discussions, guided reading groups, and interactive/hands-on activities. Students will participate in daily morning meetings and reflections to build a welcoming community and develop social skills. Students are given the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in class to real life situations. For example, when we finish our addition and subtraction unit the children are asked to plan a trip to Disneyland. It’s amazing how quickly they appreciate the trips that their parents have planned for them. The Writing Without Tears program focuses on students forming letters correctly to smoothly transition to cursive writing in third grade. Students are taught how to write informative, narrative, and opinion pieces. We follow the Singapore math curriculum which does a fantastic job broadening the way the students think and connection between past lessons. In order to meet the needs of the students, I use guided reading practices to provide them with the tools to improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary. The social studies curriculum teaches students about the branches of the government, mapping skills, economics, individuals who’ve made a difference, and cultures from around the world. We have class discussions on current events and students feel empowered to share their thoughts and feelings. In my classroom, they are encouraged to reach for the stars and are given the tools to build the stairs that will lead to their success.


The Kindergarten curriculum is designed with a blend of learning and fun to make children life-long learners. We follow the Wonders curriculum for Literacy and Singapore Math, which are both tailored with fun and practical activities to develop literacy and math concepts. The children work individually, in pairs and as a whole group. Students get an opportunity to explore, cooperate and be creative.Our daily routine includes mindfulness and yoga. We nurture essential values and attitudes like resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness,cooperation,respect and adaptability. In addition they also enjoy field trips, physical education, music, garden and spanish. Some Kindergarten highlights include:

  • International food day (Social Studies): celebrations around the world
  • Kindergarten SuperStore (Math): money concepts
  • Eric Carle Day (Science): unit on senses
  • The Bug hotel (Science, Literacy): bugs and insects
  • Kindergarten Kale patch (Literacy, Science, Garden): how things grow

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade at Saint Andrew’s has students deepening their skills in all subject areas while stretching their critical thinking skills in classroom discussions and activities. From analyzing texts we read and improving our organization and clarity of writing to mastering and furthering our multiplication and division skills, we spend most of our time in small flexible groups, teaching and learning from each other. Fourth Graders continue to strengthen their communication skills, friendships, and community through daily morning meetings and restorative justice practices. We end our year together with the highly anticipated “rising up” to middle school ceremony. The students celebrate their finishing of elementary school and excitedly prepare for middle school.

First Grade

Reading and writing is a huge part of first grade. At Saint Andrews, first graders practice phonemic awareness, decoding skills, reading fluency and comprehension, integrated spelling, handwriting, and grammar. We offer a balanced literacy program that uses a variety of enriching literature, Read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. Our Language Arts class uses the “Daily Five”, a framework that fosters literacy independence. Writer’s Workshop is used to develop skills in various genres including narrative, informational, and procedural writing. Each year students participate in a “Flat Stanley ” project that highlights the skills learned throughout the year.

Third Grade

The 3rd grade curriculum consists of best practices including small groups, games, discussions, and interactive and hands-on activities. Students will participate in daily morning meetings to build community, practice good listening, and communication skills. Third graders will practice executive functioning skills through model-guided use of planners, color coded subjects and notebooks, and well defined procedures and protocols. Throughout the year, students are exposed to informative, narrative and expository writing. Third graders primary focus is paragraph writing. Singapore Math introduces students to multiplication facts 6-9, multi digit multiplication and division, and model drawing. Students build upon grammar skills learned in 2nd grade. Daily 5, book clubs, and mini reading lessons allow students to explore various genres in reading and allows choice. Students transition from print to cursive writing during third grade. Students experience flexible seating. They are excited about their new choices and freedom from the confines of an assigned desk or table. Flexible seating allows students to take ownership of their choices and increases self awareness as learners.

Elementary Science

St. Andrew's Elementary School science curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Students in all grade levels learn science skills and study life science, physical science, environmental science and earth and space science. The goal of our program is to give students knowledge that they can transfer to everyday life and to develop critical thinkers. We incorporate the 20 acres of our campus including our gardens and animals as a part of their learning experience. We desire to encourage the next generation of scientists who may one day solve some of our world's greatest challenges.

Elementary School Team

Lori Dixon

Elementary School Science

Becky Fuerst

Third Grade

Denise Haney

Elementary School Assistant

Eunice Jones

Second Grade

Kathy Poerstel

First Grade

Kavitha Shanker

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Megan Speer

Fourth Grade

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Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

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