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A ministry of Saint Andrew’s United Methodist Church, Saint Andrew’s United Methodist Day School seeks to create an educational community that promotes the growth of mind, body, and spirit.  A challenging interdisciplinary curriculum, enriched by the visual and performing arts, encourages each student to realize his or her own potential.  A community rich in ethnic, economic, and educational diversity teaches students the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings.  A commitment to environmental sustainability inspires students to become active, responsible stewards of the natural world.  A strong religious education program creates good citizens whose commitment to service manifests a deep respect for themselves and for others.

Diversity Statement

Saint Andrew’s United Methodist Day School is committed to welcoming, respecting, and celebrating the individuality of all community members. Diversity at Saint Andrew’s is defined as differences in race, ethnic background, religious beliefs, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, family composition, economic status, political beliefs, learning styles, and physical abilities. As a school that was founded in the United Methodist tradition, we joyfully share the principles and practices of the Christian faith.  We also encourage each student to thoughtfully explore the beauty and power of his or her own faith tradition. We believe that our commitment to diversity should be reflected in the composition of our community, the content and structure of our academic curriculum, the thoughtfulness of our daily practices, and the inclusivity of our school culture.  We believe that our school will achieve true excellence by preparing our students to thrive in an increasingly pluralistic society.

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