Providing our students with the best possible education is the first priority of the entire Saint Andrew’s Day School community. Our school is founded on the belief that in working together and investing our resources wisely, we truly can open hearts, minds, and doors for our students' future success.

Blue Heron Fund

Why does Saint Andrew’s ask for tax-deductible contributions to the Blue Heron Fund, in addition to tuition?

We know that our parents appreciate the competitive tuition and measurable results that a Saint Andrew’s Day School education offers, and often receive positive feedback on the success of our efforts from parents of alumni. We rely on the wisely managed funds invested in our BHF to offer educational opportunities which extend beyond the reach of tuition dollars.

All Saint Andrew’s Day School parents share a common desire for their children to have a superior educational experience which nurtures their hearts and souls as well as their minds. However, the true cost of an education that parents expect from an excellent independent school is not fully covered by tuition. All independent schools face the challenge of maintaining competitive tuition rates while providing students with the resources to grow and embrace 21st century learning.

Our commitment to operate efficiently means that we must rely on investments made in the annual campaign to provide an educational atmosphere that is nurturing and vibrant, while maintaining tuition rates that are very competitive in comparison with other area independent schools. Our Blue Heron Fund is so vital to the success of Saint Andrew’s Day School that we ask all members of our school community to make a gift to the fund.

Is any donation amount acceptable?

Yes! All donation amounts amounts are appreciated! A gift of any size to the Annual Giving Fund makes a difference in the lives of our students. Your participation is a vote of confidence in our school and sends a message to the community and other donors that you believe in the success of Saint Andrew’s Day School. There are a number of different giving levels to choose from, but our our primary goal is always 100 % participation by our entire school community, and gifts of any size are welcome and appreciated.

How does the Annual Giving Fund differ from other school fundraisers?

Gifts to the Annual Giving Fund are fully tax-deductible and vital to the success of our school. By providing unrestricted support for the annual operating budget each year, Annual Giving Fund donors support the positive growth of Saint Andrew’s Day School. In addition, foundations and corporations look closely at the level of our donor giving support as a basis for determining grant eligibility. From developing an outstanding faculty to offering an exceptional curriculum for all our learners, we rely on generous donations to the Annual Giving Fund from our school’s parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni families and Board of Governors.

Admissions & Advancement Team

Jeffrey Southworth

Jeffrey Southworth

Director of Advancement & Admissions