Our Preschool program provides our youngest learners with a positive and engaging learning environment.

Preschool 3s: Caterpillars

The Caterpillar curriculum consists of a Weekly Focus of a letter, shape, number, color, and theme. We explore this content through morning meetings, science experiments, art projects and games. The Caterpillar Class practices fine motor skills such as cutting and tracing to prepare them for the Butterfly class.  A typical day consists of free play, morning meeting, enrichments (Spanish, PE, Music, Garden, Library), art, science and outdoor play.

Preschool 4s: Butterflies

The Butterfly curriculum is theme based with weekly letter activities. The children are introduced to several themes each month. Instruction is performed through morning meetings, circle time, art projects, cooking, field trips, guest speakers, and in house assemblies.


Throughout the year, the class is exposed to beginning writing skills, and math & reading readiness. A typical day consists of free play, morning meeting, enrichments (music, religion, library, Spanish, P.E.), circle time, and art projects. There is one teacher and an assistant in the classroom.

Preschool Team

Kelly Donoway

Preschool Lead Teacher

Jenna Kearns

Preschool Lead Teacher

Ursula York

Preschool Assistant Teacher

4B Wallace Manor Road

Edgewater, MD 21037