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Character Education

Part of Saint Andrew’s mission is to teach students the dignity and worth of all human beings and to create good citizens whose commitment to service creates a deep respect for themselves and for others. The Saint Andrew’s Cares About Character program is one of the many facets of the Saint Andrew’s experience that helps us achieve this mission.


Our Cares About Character program includes monthly character traits that are the foundation of our buddy group activities, charitable fundraisers, and monthly recognition of students. Grounded in the notion that reading helps us connect to the broader human experience and teaches empathy, a list of picture books and chapter books for each trait is provided to teachers, students, and families for exploration. Character education is taught formally through character storytime in library and classroom instruction by the school counselor while all teachers emphasize the importance of  good character by weaving it into their academic discussions, class meetings, and service learning pursuits. Throughout the campus signs are displayed of famous and lesser known people that emanate the traits we aspire to instill in our students.  


To celebrate positive character in the lower school, each classroom teacher chooses a “Character Kid of the Month” who is recognized at chapel and attends a special lunch with Mrs. Greene and Mr. Wagner. In middle school, students are recognized for their positive character traits in a program called “Caught Being.” Teachers and peers nominate students that demonstrate admirable character and these students are recognized during the weekly middle school meeting.


During the 2020-2021 school year Saint Andrew’s will focus on kindness, self-control, citizenship, dedication, self-respect, integrity, and responsibility.

Julie Stetter

School Counselor

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