Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Andrew's will not be offering Extended Care for the Fall Semester; we will re-evaluate ahead of the Second Semester. The information below reflects our normal Extended Care program.

Extended Care

Welcome to the Extended Care program at Saint Andrew’s Day School. We are a State of Maryland certified facility that operates as an extension of the normal school day until 6:00 PM.


Morning Care begins at 7:00 AM. Children may be dropped off in the Preschool Building for Morning Care. After Care begins the transition from classrooms at the end of the school day during car-line. Be sure to pack a snack for After Care. Please remember we are a “nut aware” school. Most of the children love to socialize at a table together while they refuel. Remember all students need to be signed out when they leave by both the parent and a staff member.


Caterpillars and Butterflies gather for snack, story time, and playtime. They use familiar surroundings in their own building and on their own playground. They can enjoy the afternoon with their friends under the watchful eye of our caring staff.


Lower School students are escorted from their Homerooms to the Preschool building after car-line ends. Playing outdoors is a priority. We try to go outside for at least thirty minutes, but often spend the entire afternoon on the playground. If the weather is unsuitable we have many indoor activities, games, and books.


Middle school students will attend Homework Hall from 4:00-5:00 PM. Homework Hall is proctored and expected to be a productive time with Ms. Miñarro-Martinez. School laptops are available for the student’s use. Friday is generally homework free however. Any student remaining after Homework Hall will have opportunities to go outside or engage in games and activities until 6:00 PM. Pick up and sign out is in the Middle School prior to 5:15 PM. Sign out is in the Preschool building from 5:15-6:00 PM.


The contract, including prices and details, may be downloaded on the Saint Andrew’s website in the School Life section. Non-contracted, drop-in to Extended Care requires advance notice and is provided on a space available basis only. Emergency Contact Information and Authorized Pick-up Person information is required for all students in Extended Care. For further information see our Extended Care FAQ or feel free to email extendedcare@standrewsum.org. Office hours are 2:00-6:00 PM.

Extended Care Team

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Holly Hankins

Director of Extended Care


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Nan Hathaway

Extended Care Staff

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James Hennigan

Extended Care Staff

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Joel Villafane

Extended Care Staff

4B Wallace Manor Road

Edgewater, MD 21037