Middle School Bring Your Own Device Program

All middle school students are asked to bring a personal device to school to assist in academic work completion. While Saint Andrew's is primarily a Google environment, our network and apps are also Microsoft and Apple friendly. We strongly encourage the use of Chromebooks as they are most compatible with our Google Apps for Education student accounts.

Please read the information below to learn more about this program and to see a list of approved devices. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Danowski.

Eric Danowski

Eric Danowski

Director of Teaching & Learning


Who should bring a device to school?

The "Bring Your Own Device" program is for middle school students. All students and parents are required to complete the BYOD permission slip.

What devices are approved?

Students are allowed to bring the following items. Please note that some devices offer greater compatibilty with the programs we will use, though all devices will work in some capacity. Approved Devices: -Chromebook (any brand) -Macbook -Windows-based laptop (any brand) -Tablet (iPad*, Surface, etc) *There is a Schoology app for the iPad, however it has limited functionality compared to the web version. Students using an iPad should download the Chrome browser app from the App store as this is most compatible with the Schoology website on an iPad.

Any devices not allowed?

The following devices are NOT permitted for use during school hours: -smart phones and watches (all brands) -Nintendo DS or other gaming devices -eReader (Kindle, nook)

What features should the device have?

We recommend selecting a device that meets these considerations: -long-lasting batter (required) -WiFi access (required) -Built-in keyboard (strongly recommended) -touchscreen (optional) -webcam access (required) -Microsoft Office/Apple productivity suite (optional; we will be utilizing Google Apps for Education primarily)

How will students connect to the internet?

Students will use the Saint Andrew's Guest Network to connect to the internet. All Saint Andrew's network connections are filtered and monitored for any inappropriate content.

Can students charge their device at school?

No, students will not be able to charge their device at school. This is why we require a long-lasting battery. It is the student's responsibility to charge their device over night to have it fully charged for school the next day. As studens will not be using their device the entire school day, a fully charged batter should last them the length of the school day.

My child forgot their device at home. What should we do?

If you child forgets their device and you are able to bring it to school, please bring it to the front office in the elementary building and we will make sure it gets delivered. If you are not able to drop off their device, we have a limited number of devices that students may use temporarily.

Can you recommend a specific device?

Our network is compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems. In our Learning Commons, students previously used Lenovo touchscreen Chromebooks. We are not requiring a specific operating system at this time, however we strongly encourage the use of Chromebooks as the majority of our integrated coursework will utilize our student Google Apps for Education accounts.

What happens if a device is damaged or lost at school?

Saint Andrew's is in no way responsible for personal devices that are broken, lost, or stolen at school or during school-sponsored activities. Maintenance and general upkeep of the device, including charging, installing updates, using anti-virus protection software, and fixing software and hardware issues, are the responsibility of the family. Saint Andrew's teachers are not able to provide full technical support to students during the day. Updates and installations should be taken care of at home prior to the start of the school day.

Will students be using their device all day?

No, students will not be using their device all day. Teachers will provide a balance of traditional classroom work with online learning opportunities to enhance student understanding.