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  • Megan Speer

Mind Your P's & Q's!

It has been inspiring these initial weeks of school to see and hear so many of my students be so polite with each other and with me. These types of kindnesses have included:

  • Holding the door for each other

  • Using please and thank you

  • Helping each other find a missing item

  • Including new friends at lunch and recess

As a child my mother would often remind me to mind my p’s and q’s whenever I visited a friend’s house. While the origin and meaning of “mind your p’s and q’s” continues to be under debate, I can only imagine where the world could be if we were all to stop and be more intentional about our small courtesies like “please” and “thank you.” These small words/ thoughts might not only help make the world a kinder place, but also might increase our mindfulness toward each other.

Enjoy your weekend. Don’t forget to mind your P’s & Q’s!


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