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As Heard In An Elementary Classroom

In my 10+ years of working in schools, I’ve had the privilege of seeing and hearing some interesting things from my students. In that same time, I’ve often shared some of those perfectly timed kid quotes with my teacher friends. We all enjoy hearing the unique perspectives of students as they learn, grow, and experience the world around them.

Recently, Facebook reminded me that one of my Kindergarten friends (from before I came to Saint Andrew’s) taught me that dead bodies live underground. What a perfect Fall lesson as we head into the Halloween season!

Other gems over the years include:

“My favorite subject this year was carpool because we get to go home!”

“You’re forgetting your coat. Also, don’t forget you can save 15% by switching to GEICO!”

“I’m always going to be single so that my wife can never yell at me to do the dishes.”

Answering the question “What was the hardest thing you had to do at school today?”: “Be cool.”

Shouted across the classroom: “They called me a ‘tooting tooter’!”

“My hair tastes like candy.”

The start of a Kindergartener’s story: “Last night I was partying with my friends….”

“Did you know that when you eat grapes, you are putting wine in your body? That’s not good for a kid!”

“Hey ladies, how’s life going?”

“Why don’t you just fire your boss so you can go home early?” (If only it worked that way kid!)

Learning about being polite: “Don’t say if your mom is wearing a wig.”

All students, but particularly younger students, have a unique take on the world around them and it’s such a fun thing to witness as a teacher. There are so many important life lessons to be learned in an elementary classroom!

While I do miss the chaos that can be a first grade classroom, I enjoy my current role as an administrator. It allows me the chance to get to know so many more students and work closely with all of them and all of the teachers. And every now and then a former student will still share their latest discovery of the world: “I learned that half the planets are made of mostly gas, most famously Uranus!”

Mr. Danowski is the Director of Teaching & Learning.

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