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  • Julie Stetter

Mindfulness With Hersey Kisses!

This year I am trying to start all of my classes in the middle school and elementary school with a mindful moment. A moment for students to gather themselves, their breath and body and to (hopefully) calm and center themselves so they are ready to learn. It’s incredible the difference in the room after a moment of mindful breathing.

Last week in the 5th grade, we did a Hershey Kiss mindfulness moment much to the students delight. It’s when you pay close attention to all the small details of eating a Hershey Kiss. The wrapper, how it feels and the sound it makes. The smell of the chocolate, the feel of the chocolate in your hand and the movements of your hand, arm and body. Then you put the chocolate on your tongue and wait while it slowly melts, savoring the taste and feel in your mouth. Finally slowly swallow the chocolate focusing on the sensations.

So of course mindfulness is good for our students and everyone for that matter. It helps with emotional regulation, stress reduction and anxiety but it’s also fun to start class with a little bit of chocolate. Halloween is coming soon. Save some chocolate and try for yourself.


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