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  • Wyatt Bell

Memories and Reflections From The Head Honcho

I think that Saint Andrew’s is a great school and the teachers I have had I have always had no problems with and I loved 95% of them. I am going to share some of my best moments here at Saint Andrew’s. (A lot of the memories will be from first grade by the way.)

There was this old game in Kindergarten called Huggie Monster and basically all the boys would play and you hug someone and then they become “it”. There were lots of other cool games we did like King of the Hill on top of the green tunnel on the little kid playground. Another memory I have is funny to look back on. What happened was, I hit my chin so hard on the red structure on the little kids playground that it bruised up so bad it looked like a beard!

In first grade, for most of the year we watched eagles on a live stream. We watched them grow. Then at the end we made a bald eagle out of paper and it was very interesting and fun to do the eagle stuff. Mr. D had a class pet named Bartholomew and he was a blue monster. We all took him for like a week and we wrote about what we did with him and included some pictures. I won Bartholomew in the auction at the end of the year and he is still sitting on my bed today. One good thing we got in first grade was things called Swag Tags and they were things you got when you did something good or accomplished a goal. I had like 100 Swag Tags but I think I lost them in all the other 100 things I had from first grade.

This one time somewhere around second grade, I got lost in the woods with a friend on this part of the trail that cut off, but we found our way out quick enough.

A funny memory from third grade was when someone won a bet with a teacher where if he went the entire winter without a coat the grade got a giant batch of brownies--and those brownies were so good!

Another good memory was last year on Valentine’s Day when we all covered each other with stamps. Another awesome thing last year was 85% of all the Fridays, the old head honcho and I would go to the mall to this one place called PlayLive Nation. It is still there right now which is good that they survived COVID!

I have lots of fantastic memories here at Saint Andrew’s of all the fun things we do. Saint Andrews is a great school!

Wyatt was this year's recipient of the "Head Honcho For the Day" auction item donated by Mr. Wagner.

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