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  • Marguerite Berard

Getting Ready for Day of Code

As a mom of 2 virtual learners and an educational technology teacher for my “other” kids at school, I am constantly looking for the newest ways to engage my family and students with current computer technology, including coding.

Why is coding important? Because without it, computers would be useless piles of junk. Computers can literally do nothing without someone programming them to do so. Think of all of the things you do on a daily basis:

  • Send an email

  • Search for something online

  • Shop online

  • Submit schoolwork

  • Have a meeting

  • Watch a movie

  • Take a selfie

All of these things are available to us because someone wrote the code. Can you imagine not being able to do these simple tasks? I sure can’t!

Why should kids learn to code?

  • Coding knowledge allows students better understand the world

  • Coding is fun and satisfying

  • Coding improves creativity

  • Coding improves problem solving

  • Coding improves persistence

  • Coding improves collaboration

  • Coding improves communication

Learning to code is fun! It is another language! What better way for our children to understand why and how the technology around them operates than by learning to code and speaking to the technology around them. It is always a good thing to know multiple languages. While using coding programs and by experimenting with different coding editors, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake, they learn.

Here at Saint Andrew’s, we incorporate technology into our everyday learning and introduce even our youngest students to technology. We also encourage the whole school to participate in Computer Science Education Week next week by supporting our teachers and encouraging them to participate in the Hour of Code.

On Wednesday, students will be participating in the Hour of Code, both virtually and in-person. A “Day of Code” Group will be added to everyone’s Schoology account next week, allowing access to many fun activities and coding stories.

Mrs. Berard is the technology teacher.

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