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  • Julie Stetter

Let's Go Buff-A-Lo!

I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and grew up proudly cheering on the home team, The Buffalo Bills. I watched the greatest NFL comeback game of all time, Houston Oilers vs. Bills in January, 1993. I cheered through four Super Bowl losses including the first ending with a heartbreaking wide right field goal. I’ve learned to cheer with a chip on my shoulder as I encounter other football fans talking bad about the Bills having never won a Super Bowl.

In Buffalo the fans always say, “This is our year,” no matter the team makeup, the team’s record, or who the quarterback or coach is. Buffalo fans are always hopeful for a win or better yet a Super Bowl run. This is a bittersweet time for me as a Bills fan. I raised my own two children to be Bills fans though they were born and raised in Anne Arundel County. And now on Saturday my hometown team is playing the hometown team, The Baltimore Ravens. I’m proud to call Maryland home for the last 14 years but Go Bills! This is our year!


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