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  • Becky Fuerst

A Teacher Reflection

Patience. Balance. Communication. These are the three words that I am focused on this school year.

Patience with myself, technology, and when things to do not go according to plan are three reminders I tell myself every morning. For my students, patience is a quality they have exhibited from day one. They have been so patient with me and each other as we work through the random, yet fun and interesting happenings of the day. They have proven to be resilient and are transitioning between activities, classes, and outdoor learning with smiles and enthusiasm.

One of the biggest challenges this year has been to provide a quality experience to in-person learners and virtual learners. The patience of my students have made this transition and evolution in my teaching exciting. We have hit our rhythm and I am very excited for the year.

Balance is another key term for all educators this year. Trying to find and maximize balance between work life and home life can be a struggle at times. Like all of my colleagues, we are working tirelessly to make sure all in-person and virtual learners are having an enjoyable experience. Schoology is proving to be a very valuable tool and will make communication and engagement much easier. It is taking time to ensure Schoology is being maximized. Balance remains important during this new reality of teaching. I am proud to work with my colleagues. I have collaborated and worked with colleagues that I may normally have never gotten the opportunity. Everyone is working so hard with smiles on their faces. Faculty collaboration, sharing ideas, and thinking outside of the box has provided fresh momentum.

Communication is as important as ever. Regardless of the discussion or topic at hand, I will continue to provide as up to date and clear communication as possible. My students are developing into confident self advocates. I put a lot of emphasis on helping my students gain the confidence necessary to be successful communicators. Saint Andrew’s takes pride in preparing students to move on to Middle School and later on High School as confident self-advocates.

I encourage all of my parents to reach out and keep me in the loop of any changes about their student, successes, concerns, or just to have a friendly conversation. Keep all of your teachers in the loop. Communicating regularly with teachers is the best way to help ensure success.

In a year that, at times, can be daunting, I am so proud to be working with my students and beside my colleagues. Thank you to my parents and all the parents of Saint Andrew’s for your continued support.

Mrs. Fuerst is a third grade teacher.


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