Diane McGrady

Fifth & Sixth Math

At Saint Andrew's since 2020

BS, Cabrini University

MEd, Loyola University, Baltimore, MD

I am excited to begin a new educational journey here at Saint Andrew’s. I will start off by saying I have been an educator for many years in multiple diverse areas of the field in both private and public schools in a variety of different grade levels. My degrees include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Cabrini University in Radnor, PA and a Master’s of Education in Literacy from Loyola University, Baltimore, MD. My certification is in elementary education, grades 1-6, and I am a certified reading specialist. I have taught math, language arts, reading intervention, integrating concepts in all subject areas and even having experience teaching the Singapore math curriculum.

My philosophy is very fluid, changing to fit into the idea of education today. I believe knowledge is a formidable tool that drives change. Education is a life-long process and it should provide students with the abilities they need to ensure future success. Furthermore, the focus of the material needs to make a connection to real-life situations for the students. I believe I am the teacher and the learner in the classroom.

As far as extra activities, I continue to tutor students who struggle with reading and writing, read for enjoyment, travel, watch hockey and lacrosse, and this year, I will be an empty nester for the first time so I hope to take road trips to watch my son play lacrosse. I will also be experiencing a graduation as my daughter is a senior in college. I am looking forward to this year and becoming a community of learners.