Terrance Pounds

Seventh & Eighth Math

At Saint Andrew's since 2017

Teaching experience: 19 years

North Carolina A&T State University

Growing up in Annapolis, the eldest of three boys, I was surrounded by a family full of teachers. In fact, Wiley H. Bates, founder of Bates Junior/High School was my great-great uncle. His purchasing of the land and building of the school provided the only place for Blacks to be educated in Anne Arundel County at the secondary level. Following in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother, all three of us became teachers at some point. It wasn’t something that I was naturally drawn to but upon being placed into a teaching role, it became evident that it was something that I could be really good at doing.

My teaching philosophy has been ever evolving. It starts with being personable and understanding. In order to help people, it is important to get to know them, their learning styles, strong and weak points, and what motivating buttons to gently nudge. Meeting students at their level of comprehension and advancing them forward to reach their potential is something that I have studied and applied for many years. In my class, the work is tough, the workload is plentiful, yet the students are motivated to try and figure out the many puzzles mathematics throws at them. In the end, they’ve acquired a foundational understanding of a multitude of methods and concepts, and are able to step into high schools with confidence and a math-swagger that transcends them into advanced classes.

By day, I teach math. By evening I tutor and teach students of many different math levels. By night, I’m a musician, with concentrations in percussion, guitar, and vocals. Throughout the summer and fall is when I really get to enjoy the outdoors while traveling, golfing, and my favorite activity of all- hunting down and riding roller coasters, both stateside and internationally. To this date I have ridden 277 different scream machines and I have a few hundred more to seek out in the next few years.