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Sean Lowman

Middle School Social Studies

At Saint Andrew's since 2014

Teaching experience: 14 years

BA, University of Maryland

I grew up loving history. After graduating high school, I decided I wanted to share that love and inspire young people to enjoy history also. So I decided to become a teacher. I worked full-time jobs while attending college and eventually earned degrees in history and education.

I have had the pleasure of working as a social studies teacher at Saint Andrews’s since 2014. I teach Ancient Civilizations for fifth grade and Early US History for sixth grade. My goal in teaching history is not just for the kids to learn what happened and when. I want my students to ask “why?” My role is providing them with guidance to find the answer to that question. Along the way, I provide them with fun, interactive activities like performing Civil War era musket maneuvers, designing and building ancient Egyptian tombs, or researching and performing TV news reports about the American Revolution.

In addition to teaching, I have run several after school enrichment activities such as Gaming Club, Chainmail Club, and Viking Club. I have also served several times as a camp counselor for our Summer at Saint Andrew’s program.

In my free time I enjoy sewing and creating historical clothing which I wear when participating in historical reenactments. On the weekends I might be cooking over an open fire, rowing a Viking ship, firing a cannon, or talking history at locations such as Historic Londontown, Fort McHenry, or Mount Vernon. I also enjoy hiking, playing the mandolin, traveling to historic sites, and consuming vast quantities of audiobooks on my long drives.

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