Michael Wahl

Seventh & Eighth Social Studies

At Saint Andrew's since 2019

Villanova University

Hi, my name is Michael Wahl and I’m excited to enter my second year at Saint Andrew's in 2020. Since graduating from Villanova University, I have taught in independent schools up and down the east coast for the last twenty-one years, twenty of them in a Middle School classroom. I’ve been lucky enough to teach American History, Geography, ELA, Western civilization and Global Studies throughout my career.

Growing up outside of Washington, DC (Ms. Werner and I went to the same high school, though many years apart) I’ve always believed that it was important for students to see where our country came from and the role they play in creating the modern world (locally, nationally, and internationally).

I enjoy following current events and try to frequently incorporate those topics in the subjects that I teach. I also believe that learning is an ongoing process and that lifelong learning can enrich us all. Always seeking to learn more, I earned a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from the University of San Diego. During graduate school, I was able to visit Rio De Janerio for almost a month and work with Brazilian Social Scientists to examine economic and racial equalities issues in determining which students have access to Brazilian Higher Education. The following summer, I had the chance to look at independent school education through a different lens and earned my Montessori secondary certification in Houston, Texas.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to not only teach but coach at a number of the schools where I have worked. I’ve coached baseball, basketball for a majority of my career and love the chance to get to interact with students outside of the classroom.

I am happy to be back in the Washington, DC area surrounded by family and friends. Living in Baltimore has offered me the opportunity to visit historic places like Fort McHenry or Edgar Allen Poe’s house one day while cheering on the Ravens or Orioles the next. Over extended breaks, I love to take advantage of the fact that I have friends all over the country and the world to travel a bit. My most recent trips have been to visit places like Boston, Chicago, Ireland, and Florida.