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Allison Fistere

Middle School Language Arts

At Saint Andrew's since 2019

Teaching experience: 16 years

BA, Washington University in St. Louis

M. Ed. University of Maryland, College Park

When I was getting my undergraduate degree, I did not plan to be a teacher, even though I love teaching. I was pre-law, with a major in English and a minor in painting. However, when I was graduating from college, I decided to apply for a Masters in Education instead of applying to law school because my professors had helped me discover my love for writing, and I wanted to do the same for others. It has been my focus of teaching ever since to encourage a love of writing in my students and to help them find their voice.

Even though I did not go to law school, my interest in law has carried over into my teaching. My favorite project with students is a mock trial based on literature. Many times, I have been able to bring students into a courtroom to perform the trial with a real judge! I try as much as I can to bring real world experience into my assignments.

Throughout my teaching career, I have been actively involved in the community and life outside the classroom. I have taken students abroad to Iceland and Costa Rica. I have coached field hockey, cross country, and crew. At Saint Andrew’s, I started a middle school newspaper, as well as running a test prep club after school and tutoring. I hope to offer more art related enrichment after school, such as puppet making and furniture revamping.

I have always been drawn to weird sports. For all of high school, college, and years beyond, I was a rower. My new passion is rock climbing. So, when I am not running around with my adorable daughters, a toddler and an eight year old (who is also a Saint Andrew's student), you can find me climbing a wall and trying my best to conquer my fear of heights.

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