Our Academics

Small class sizes taught by enthusiastic, experienced teachers.  An engaging, highly integrated curriculum which sharpens critical thinking skills, promotes creative problem solving and builds a strong academic foundation.
Language Arts

Grammar     Reading     Oral Expression     Vocabulary Development     Literary Genres     Creative Writing     Writing as a Process     


Earth Science     Life Science     Physical Science     Environmental Science     Garden and Agriculture


Culture     Grammar and Vocabulary     Speaking and Listening     Writing     Conversational Communication


Keyboarding     Online Research     Graphic Design   Website Development     Programming


Computation and Estimation     Fractions     Data Analysis and Measurement     Problem Solving Strategies   Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Algebraic Concepts     Drill and Mastery

Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations     US History   World Cultures     Geography     Government

Saint Andrew's Day School is an independent school located in Edgewater, Maryland.  We use our entire 20 acre campus as a living classroom.  We believe that education must embrace the important work of helping our students grow spiritually and ethically, as well as academically.

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Tel: 410.266.0952

Email: office@standrewsum.org


4B Wallace Manor Road

Edgewater, MD  21037